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Hospitality Innovation Award 2015

This year’s „Hospitality Innovation Award“ was presented to Clemens Foschi, former manager of the Caritas Services GmbH for the realisation of Magdas Hotel in Vienna, which was opened in January 2015. The winner of the award, presented by PKF hotelexperts, was announced as part of the gala evening of hotelforum 2015, which took place on 7 October. On the same evening the “Hotel Property of the Year” and the “Blue Hotel Award” were awarded.

The Magdas Hotel, located near the famous Prater, employs refugees, with approved asylum status in Austria, to help facilitate their integration into the labor market. The total costs for the hotel project added up to 1,5 million euros, which were mainly financed by the Caritas itself. The Caritas Services GmbH realises social business projects under the brand Magdas aiming at solving problems faced by purely commercial businesses.

Michael Widmann, Managing Partner of PKF hotelexperts: „A former home for the elderly was transformed into a pop-up hotel with minimum financial expenditure and a lot of creativity and attention to detail. What is special about Magdas Hotel is the operating team – they are recognised refugees and given a professional perspective. We are glad that we had the chance to accompany and develop this project as a pro-bono-activity“.

The „Hospitality Innovation Award“ was first initiated in 2007 by PKF hotelexperts and awards significant achievements within the realm of hospitality. The winners of the previous years were inter alia Ali Koç and Semahat Arsel (hotel group Divan), Ursula Schelle-Müller and Dieter Müller (Motel One), Carlo Petrini (Slow Food), Peter-Mario Kubsch (Studiosus) and Helmut Kutin (SOS-Kinderdorf).

Film: Hospitality Innovation Award 2015 - Magdas Hotel, Vienna (winner).

Film: Hospitality Innovation Award 2015 - Magdas Hotel, Vienna (winner)

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