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Non hotel structures: at Milan Design Week

13 Apr 2017


During Milan Design Week 2017, Simone Micheli Architectpresents a new concept related to the world of hospitality and directed to the promotion of the new and innovative approaches linked to this sector.

In the location of via Massimiano 6 / Via Sbodio 9 - Lambrate Zone, takes place an exhibition that offers a detailed view of the change in the non-hotels sector during the last years: 4 models of serviced apartments, for 4 different destinations (art, business, sea, mountain) will be dedicated to 4 international property managers, highlighting qualities and peculiarities both in terms of contents and lexical. 

Apartments are imagined as comfortable, smart and interactive spaces, real homes in the every day life with the necessary also for the guest that enters in relation for the first time with an unknown environment and wants to be welcomed. Spaces have different shapes and features depending on the different kind of user, but thanks to the high technological equipment they can change their offer on the basis of the different needs linked to the 4 hypotetical scenarios.

Semplicity, functionality and intuitiveness are the main points that drive the simulation of the 4 spaces and that will present to the huge public a complete view of the evolution of the hospitality sector, combining high level services with essentiality and beauty. The serviced apartments develop themselves with the aim of propose smart solutions to the problems that the traveller could have in an unknown environment, taking care both to human well-being and to the social and environmental context in which they are located. 

The revaluation of sociability, interaction and sharing as essential parameters, the importance of every place as container of real-life stories, are all essential points that determine the expression of the serviced apartments in this performance of Simone Micheli architect.


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