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The role of design in the hotel of the future

10 Apr 2018

Art and design will take centre stage on 16 April at the Lambrate Design District. That which has been called the new Brooklyn of Italy will become the pulse of Tourism Investment – Hotel Regeneration, a convention to be held at Via Ventura 14 and beginning one day before the Salone del Mobile, where art and design meet the world of hotel accommodations.

For the first time, design becomes a work of art that shapes the hotel, in a 4,000 sqm exhibition space. The largest public event ever organised up until now for this Milanese exposition, made up of 13 different areas, designed by starchitect Simone Micheli, aimed at illustrating and narrating the requalification process of the hotel structure.

A moment of great pathos that will culminate with the Hospitality Award and with the presentation of other awards in recognition of the sector’s best hotel designs and management. The objective is to acknowledge those structures that have distinguished themselves through their development strategies, in terms of investments and leadership, but also in terms of requalification and the relaunching of accommodation facilities in Italy and in the Mediterranean region in general.

Also on 16 April, the event will take stock of the new emerging trends in the hospitality sector.

"A hand in interpreting and anticipating change." This is what the members of the Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi ask. "The purpose of our presence at this forum,” affirms president Giorgio Palmucci, "is to be ready to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, respectful of the Italian lifestyle which now represents the essence of the travel experience. Therefore design, new trends that best embody these demands, and investments which help us to grow while providing greater and greater quality."

These days hotels are being asked to provide much more than simply a room. "Those who visit our structures," states Palmucci, "are looking for memorable experiences. Our sector is being given a great opportunity, since hospitality is among the first services that tourists experience when they arrive in our country and through which they broaden their knowledge of Made in Italy. From design to new trends, from interior furnishings to lifestyles, the capacity to make impressions through a new concept of interior spaces is at the foundation of what we offer."

Best Western Italy’s participation at Tourism Investment revolves around the subject of design. "Our interest in the topic," explains Sara Digiesi, Chief Marketing Officer of the group, "has increased over time. In 2015 we began an initiative in all of our hotels called ‘Design Evaluation’ which not only includes an evaluation of their design, but is also leading to a repositioning of our image and product. Our presence at Tourism Investment is related to this initiative and to the subsequent dynamics of networking and training." Among the new developments that the network will introduce during the course of the event is its increasingly broad brand portfolio, which identifies 160 hotels in Italy: Premier Upscale, Plus, Best Western, and Sure Hotel.

Intercepting new opportunities and investors. This is what motivates AllegroItalia Hotel & Condo to participate in Tourism Investment. "We want to expand both in the luxury market and with Millennials," saysPiergiorgio Mangialardi, president of AllegroItalia Hotel & Condo, "something which we interpret more as an approach to the services being offered than one that looks exclusively at age. We were the first in Italy to begin managing Condo-hotels, and now we have six of them."


The full press release is available at http://www.tourisminvestment.it/news/

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